Thursday, 11 September 2008

16L 3B Turk's Head

The carabiner in front is sporting my first attempt at this TH since watching Stormdrane's excellent video tutorial. I think I've got the hang of it now. The trouble is I want to do more of them but I don't have many torches etc to put them on. So I came up with a way to get my fix. You can see this behind the carabiner in the photo. I got a length of wood dowelling that I had spare and chopped it into 3" lengths. The one in the photo is very rough but the plan is to flatten off one end and drill a hole through it for a keyring, wack some clear or teak varnish on it then do the TH. I'll post an update when I get one finished.

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Stormdrane said...

Looks great! Those Turk's head knots are addictive.

Bight - any curved section, slack part, or loop between the two ends of a rope, string, or yarn.